• Strong, Versatile and Durable

    The first of it's kind. The Magic Sticky Pad uses nano suction technology to stick to any surface. Nano pores create suction upon contact with another surface area and sticks firmly until it is pulled off with an upward force. The material does not use any adhesive and will remain it's viscosity forever. Use it to stick your phone, tablet or any other object to the wall.  Be the first to impress all of your friends with this new nano suction technology

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Strong Enough To Hold Objects Up To 2 Pounds

Versatile Enough To Mount To Any Surface

Mount Your Phone To Your Steering Wheel For Convenient Viewing

Allow Your Back Seat Passengers The Convenience Of Hands Free Viewing

Use It As A Convenient Phone Holder With Multiple Viewing Angles

Sticks To Any Surface And Has Multiple Use

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Customer Comments

  • I love these. We were on a road trip from NC to AK and I wanted my iPad to be on my dash so I (the passenger) could use it. 5,000 miles later they held up perfect. My iPad never moved and I was able to help navigate. I rinsed them off and have since reused them over and over agin. Thank you

    - Rosie

  • These have to be the stickiest most wonderful pads I have ever purchased! They served my purposes perfectly. And they really can be freshened up by just running them under water; the stickiness comes right back like brand new. I highly recommend these to anyone needing a sticky mount for their phone, crafting purposes, etc!

    - Tamaa C.

  • Very interesting and useful little pieces. I tried to stick it everywhere, walls, floors, car, windows, it does work! Then, I washed it. After it dried, it remains sticky. If you have small things to stick in various places, I recommend using it.

    - Maxine H.

Customer questions & answers

How should i go for the most effective use of this pad?

These are the instructions
Step 1: First tear off the protective film from the surface of the gel pad.
Step 2: Then stick the pad on to a desired area and press for a few seconds then release when it's firm.
Step 3: Put the item on the pad, also press it for a while to make sure it's well fixed before letting go

What size and model phones can the pad support?

Compatible with all types of phones and tablets. In our testing, the pad held up to 2 lbs in weights which is significantly less than any phone or tablet device on the market.

Can the magic sticky pad be used countless times and maintain viscosity?

The Magic Sticky Pad can be used as many times as you want and still maintain it's stickiness. This is due to the nano technology which allows the material itself to act as a suction and not dependent on any external adhesive.

How easy is it to remove the pad once applied to a surface?

It comes right off any surface, when an upward force is applied. Both side of the pad contain the nano suction technology so you can easily peel off your phone while keeping the pad intact to the surface.